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Opinion of Ann about
Fairy Whitez Gift Pack
Yes, this product is better than any supplements and as fast as 3 day will see results! love it so much!

Opinion of Rosemary about
Oat Bran (English)
Excellent product! Already help to soft my constipation problems and reduce cholesterol! Thanks Fairly Beauty Oat Bran!

Opinion of thean yc about
Oat Bran (English)
my breakfast drink and already help to relieve my constipation and cholesterol.

Opinion of wong about
Oat Bran (English)
Its our family everyday breakfast!! Love my heart & reduce cholesterol!

Opinion of shirley about
Oat Bran (English)
This is the cheapest Oat Bran in the market! I drink everyday! Its better than Milo! It also solve my constipation problem!

Opinion of linda about
Healthy Family (English)
I'm vegetarian and take healthy family everyday!! I don't have to take multivitamin anymore and feel healthy!!!

Opinion of rick about
Healthy Family (English)
Bought this for my mum & dad! delicious and they take it everyday, cholesterol start to reduce!!

Opinion of Nancy about
Regime Skin
good product with reasonable price! always remember to take it everyday!! Skin begin to shine & moisture!

Opinion of ayub about
harga murah dan quality bagus, sudah kurus 2 kilo....harap boleh capai 6kg...

Opinion of suhaimi about
buang air senang!!

Clenz (English)

Clenz (English)
Clenz (English) Clenz (English) Clenz (English) Clenz (English) Clenz (English) Clenz (English) Clenz (English)
Product SKU: Clenz (English)
Availability: Out Of Stock
Price: RM128.00
Clenz = 10 bottles per box; 1 bottles is 12mL


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